How many football pitches?

March 15th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

For the past few years Frenk and a growing team of volunteers have planting Life Groups across the Mbeya region of Tanzania. Some very rough maths suggests that Life Groups are now spread across 6,500km2that’s an area equivalent to 1,214,677 football pitches!

Quietly and simply a movement is being started. We wrote a while ago of the impact Life Groups are having in this area, building unity and leading to people giving their lives to Jesus.

Frenk sent the photos above from a couple of recent training events they organised in rural communities. There is no fuss, no big announcements, no big deal…instead a group of people humbling investing their time to pass on ways of sharing the gospel and helping communities fight poverty together. 

You could pray for:

  • Individual growth: Life Group members speak of finding freedom as they understand things for the first time. Those who are new to following Jesus are discovering new life and hope! Pray for this to be the personal story of more and more people.
  • Team growth: There is a larger demand for Life Group training than the existing team of volunteers can meet. More volunteers are needed.
  • National growth: Frenk has contacts across the width of Tanzania who have invited him to teach about Life Groups. Pray for the right openings at the right times and the right team members to go with Frenk.

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