Impact in Luapula

September 26th, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

As part of Dignity’s commitment to finding local Christian community leadership, we have started what we call an Impacting Team in the Luapula region of Zambia. Impact teams are groups of 3 or more do who come together to support and further the work of Dignity within a region. Their work takes them to many remote villages where they seek to encourage a number of schemes with the aim of helping the community love God and love their neighbour.
Life groups are a key component of this work. These groups provide a focus for the community to come together to learn more about Christian Faith in a way that is relevant and appropriate. The result of this can be a committed group of people dedicate to the needs in the wider community.
With leadership input, conflict resolution, our resource Love Your Village and constant encouragement and support one of our aims is to encourage Christian corporate social responsibility throughout rural Africa. The church is the single largest organisation in these areas and can make a crucial difference both in the spiritual and practical life of the community it is present in. We believe they key to ending poverty is an inner hope, confidence and life that Jesus brings in the life of the individual and is expressed to others.
The team of Cornelius, an Anglican priest, Augustine a Pentecostal pastor and Agnes, who has recently been running for local councillor in Musonda are looking forward to taking forward the work of God and Dignity further. We look forward to seeing what they will do.

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