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Cornelius has been out and about helping others start Life! Groups. After a few months focused on encouraging existing groups, he’s back in the rhythm of travelling to new areas.

Mpika Shikamushile

In June Cornelius and Pilius were in Shikamushile and in July he and Augustine went to MUSO, Mpika. About 20 people joined each training sessions from the surrounding areas.

Some verses at the core of Dignity are Isaiah 61 v 1-3:

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour.” (Isaiah 61 v 3b)

We believe that is people like those who joined Cornelius at the recent training sessions are those who God is planting and growing into “oaks of righteousness”. Cornelius encouraged them to work together, with each other and with God. He taught them some new skills that they can use as tools. He has encouraged them to go back to their communities, many of which are very remote, and start taking some simple steps towards starting Life! Groups. He will continue to support them, sharing his experience and knowledge with them.

In both areas people were excited to hear what Cornelius shared and were keen to get started. To help make this a tangible thing rather than an idea that is never realised, they started making some very simple plans. They planned who they might invite and where they might meet. And now we wait…

Across Zambia, Life! Groups that started in the small and simple way are now caring for the elderly, growing food for the hungry, helping addicts break free and helping many to know Jesus.

Cornelius says “…serving the Lord is good when discipling the people of God in rural Zambia, we work for God in so many ways. Keep praying for rural ministry of Dignity Zambia and you are impacting many lives, to God be the glory.

Villagers from around Shikamushile
Cornelius's transport and home for a few days
Taking some time for small group discussions
Gathering together in MUSO, Mpika
Everyone getting involved in learning together
The best method of transport around the villages!


You can help Cornelius and others like him

As Cornelius says, when you pray, you are impacting many lives. Join us this coming week for a week of prayer.

You can also help Cornelius and the other Impact Team members push forward and help more people plant Life! Groups by joining in our 300 Challenge.

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