In Conversation with Katy, Kate and Jan

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This summer, Jan Nettleton, Kate Nelson and Katy Allsup will be travelling to Zambia to meet up with the Dignity team. At various points, they will be with Jo and Frank Kimball, as well as Jon and Jude Witt as they take part in training days and support EQUIP gatherings in Lusaka and Mkushi, respectively.

A few weeks ago, we had the wonderful privilege of chatting to them about why they’ve decided to head out to Zambia and what we can be praying for as they go!

All three women have been involved with Dignity for a very long time (since knowing and supporting the Witts when they were at Ivy Church). Kate’s husband, Keith, and Katy serve Dignity as board members and Kate and Jan completed similar trips back in 2011 and 2012. Their ongoing support for Dignity is just incredible, and they are all very excited to be taking on this next journey together.


“It’s not that we didn’t know about mission before, but I think it was Jon’s approach… I learned such a lot about how to do mission and how not to do mission.”

“My dream since my first visit to Zambia is to see children come out of the background into the foreground of community life.”

–          Jan Nettleton


Their trip starts with a two-day training course run in Lusaka by the Tehila Trust, a charity committed to create safer environments for children in Zambia. There they will be joined by Agnes, Freddy and Ntanga – three Zambian Impact Team Members – to take part in the safeguarding training.

Then they will travel to Mkushi for a 3 day EQUIP gathering where they will be able to support Agnes, Freddy and Ntanga with discussions about safeguarding and Dignity, with the ultimate aim to collaborate in developing a safeguarding policy for Dignity Zambia.


“It will help me to understand the charity more, it will help me understand the places, the geography… it will help me put faces to names… I’m really looking forward to meeting the people that are involved in the charity.”

–          Katy Allsup


The aims of the trip are two-fold: firstly to gain understanding of safeguarding awareness, and secondly to develop and pilot Dignity’s new learning resource called ‘Love Your Children’. Kate, Jan and Katy have all been heavily involved in its production and, like its predecessor ‘Love Your Village’, it will contain a series of accessible Bible Studies. This resource looks into what God says about children and how much he values them. It is not designed as a parenting course or follow any Western notions of caregiving, but it is rooted solely in the Bible and what it teaches us about why and how we can look after and care for the children in our communities.


“Hopefully, people will be coming out specifically wanting to work with children, wanting to organise something for children locally… It’s not just theory, it builds towards a project.”

–          Kate Nelson


While they’re in Zambia, they have asked if we could pray for:

–          Health and wellbeing, both for them and those in their families still here in the UK

–          That they will be able to get an honest appraisal of ‘Love Your Children’ and be encouraged by the feedback.

–          That they, Agnes, Freddy, Ntanga and all those they speak to about safeguarding develop a deep understanding of its importance.

–          That they will really enjoy their time together and have fun!

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