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This week Bernard and Jon are as you read this travelling to Southern Province in Zambia and into Namibia in Katima Mulilo. One of the traits of our work is to pioneer. We don’t believe that you can stand still, you simply must move forward!

One of the approaches we have adopted in recent times is simply to talk to a small group of villagers in a new area. We adopt the themes from our training, but rather than simply ‘preach’ and ‘train’ we sit down and work through some of the issues that prevent people from working together. This usually means meeting in a hot church building with a malata (iron sheet) roof or sitting under some trees, all in temperatures around 40 degrees! However, it is well worth it. If just one person understands, Life! Groups together with spiritual and practical growth will follow.

In Katima, the approach is rather different. We will be talking to many church leaders and those involved around the eastern more populated end of the Caprivi Strip. You will remember from our article a month ago, that there are many people outside of the reach of the local church in Northern Namibia. We want to find those who are willing to reach the rural areas and to help with a strategy to achieve it. Again, we hope Life! Groups will begin that are often the foundation of change in some rural communities.

For Jon and Bernard, it means traveling around 1500 miles and visiting three separate locations. However, if you don’t go, nothing will ever happen.

We in Dignity are not sure if that’s really an option!

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