It began at Ivy Church…

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Thank you Ivy Church

A massive thank you to all at Ivy Church for making us welcome in their services this Sunday. It was great to reconnect with some of you and meet others for the first time. Thank you for the warm welcome!

If you missed it, or just want to see it again, here is our video saying “thank you” for your part in helping Dignity get up and running and supporting us ever since. We really appreciate your ongoing support.

While you’re here, why not sign up for our monthly updates using the form at the top right of this page!

We’re growing

Our work continues to grow. The Life! Group model works and is spreading organically across rural areas of Zambia and neighbouring countries. We expect to see a further 80 or 90 Life! Groups begin this year. That’s more communities coming together in Jesus and lots of people, all with different roles, each playing their part and growing in faith.

We want to carry on supporting, equipping and encouraging those leading the work forward in their provinces, villages and communities. If we are going to be able to do this, we need you to do it with us!

The Giant Turnip

When we’re working in rural villages we often use the kids story of the Giant Turnip to help illustrate how God asks all of us to work together with him. You may know it… The farmer has grown a turnip and it’s GIANT! It takes the farmer, his wife, their son and daughter, the dog, the cat and the mouse to all work together before they can pull up the giant turnip. Whether you feel like the strong farmer or the tiny little mouse, we need you to help us “pull up our turnip”!

Here’s how you can join us

For more information about any of the following please contact us on 0161 434 8841 or email Jo Kimball on [email protected]

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Starting on Sunday 15th February we are having a week of prayer. Please join us as we pray into some of the key aspects of our work.

2015 02 week of prayer

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Last year, it cost us an average of just £17.88 to provide ongoing discipleship throughout the year for each person in a Life! Group.

As the number of people we are working with grows, we will need more and more people to help support the cost of this. Will you be one of them?

If you give £1.49 a month for a year, it will be enough to support ongoing discipleship for 1 person throughout the year.

If you give £17.88 a month for a year, it will be enough to support ongoing discipleship for 12 people throughout the year.

If you give £29.80 a month for a year, it will be enough to support ongoing discipleship for a whole Life! Group (an average of 20 people) throughout the year.

You can make a regular or one off gift using our Support Form or online through our page.


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This year we have three short term mission trips taking place. Here’s the outline details:

March 11th – 25th | August 3rd – 18th | November – 2 weeks, exact dates to be confirmed.

The March trip is just a month away and we would love to find one or two volunteers to help with this. It would help if you are up to date with your vaccinations (although there is still just about time to sort these) and up for a last minute adventure!

EQUIP Training Focus:
March: teaching skills | July/August: theological teaching | November: planning & pastoral care

Donation of £800 plus cost of flights
(circa £600 – £900)

Accommodation, food, and travel while in country
(Travel insurance, visa & vaccinations not included)

UK based training in advance. We will help you understand both the vision behind what we are doing as well as some of the practicalities of heading out to a different culture.

Free Time:
If you want to take a few days to explore Zambia we can give you some pointers in the right directions but you will be responsible for yourselves. Costs and time for extra trips are not included and you should allow for both if you wish to extend your travels.

Further details can be found here.

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This year we are encouraging you to “do Dignity”.

Learning from what is happening in Zambia, we see that great things happen when people come together in community to share Jesus. The inward change that takes place as people meet Jesus is shown in outward ways: neighbours cared for, faith shared, community projects undertaken… With new hearts and changed motives people are caring for their neighbours and loving their community in new ways.

So what does this look like here? For me, this year it’s going to mean inviting 5 or 6 friends round once a month to a “pop-up restaurant” in my house. For a donation to Dignity equivalent to a yummy meal in a restaurant I’ll be offering to cook a three course meal for my friends. This will create a time and space for community to happen, for friendships to grow and for Jesus to be shared as well as raising some money to support the work of Dignity. Everyone gets something!

But that’s just my idea. Maybe cooking isn’t your thing. How will you do Dignity?

We look forward to hearing your ideas!


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