Jo Hardy visits Nchelenge

May 20th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

Dignity board member, Jo Hardy, frequently goes to Zambia on mission.  During her last visit to Zambia she visited Nchelenge and heard some great stories of what God has been doing as a consequence of Dignity’s input in the area. Here are a few of them…

Crime Reduction established by Life! groups
One village in the area was known to have a high crime rate and was known as a dangerous place. A Life! group was planted there by the ‘Dignity’ Team a year ago. The group which was formed has been meeting together and have started to pray for their village. They have been inviting some of the known trouble makers  in the area to the  Life! Group sessions. A year later, those labelled as trouble makers have become Christians and this village is no longer known as a crime spot – true transformation has occurred!

Women working in Unity
Some Life! group members had found out that the government was giving funding to women to set up business initiatives within Nchelenge. Some women within the Life! group have come together to apply for funding to buy a hammer mill that is used to grind maize into ground meal. Their aim is to mill maize at a low cost for those in the village who cannot afford the standard rates, or even for free in extreme circumstances. This is a great example of unity and cooperation that is being fostered in the groups. By God changing their hearts, this will lead to a change in their area.

Orphans found a home
A lady who regularly attends a Life! group took what had been taught to heart and as a result her life has been completely changed. She was not a Christian before she joined the group, but having attended the group for a while she was led to the Lord – this alone is a cause to celebrate. However, one day she began to look at the children in the village, many of whom are orphans, due to HIV and other diseases and came to the conclusion that they were all God’s children. As a result, she has taken two children into her home. She is poor and does not have much, but these children now have a home and in the care of a woman that loves them.

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