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Many of us have a spare Bible sitting on a shelf, gathering dust. This is your opportunity to send your spare Bible off on an adventure and give it a new life, much more exciting that sitting on your shelf!

We ask that Bibles are in a good condition. We are not able to make use of old translations (King James, New English Bible etc) and are not currently looking for Bible study notes.

How your Bible fits into the bigger picture

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Our work is centred in the rural areas of Zambia and Namibia. For many people there, getting hold of Bibles is a real challenge. Whilst Bibles can be bought in the big cities, many are unable to travel to the cities due to the cost of doing so. As part of our work, we want to make Bible’s available to those who previously haven’t been able to get one.

As well as purchasing local language Bibles, we take second-hand English Bibles out to Zambia and Namibia and distribute them through our networks there. We are looking for modern English translations (for example NIV, NKJV, GN, NESV) that are in good condition. Generally we sell the Bibles on at a small and affordable rate to encourage ownership and avoid creating dependency, a mind-set that holds many people back. (For those who genuinely cannot afford to buy a Bible, we do waive the fee). Any money that is raised through the sale of Bibles is immediately invested back into our work within Zambian communities or used to buy local language Bibles.

How to send your Bible

You can deliver or send Bibles directly to our UK office at Dignity, 6 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6TR. Speak to Jo or Gill on 0161 434 8841 (or email if you would like to arrange a time to drop any Bibles off.

I don’t have a spare Bible, but I love this idea

If you don’t have any Bibles but would still like to help supply Bibles to those without, contributions towards our work, which includes the cost of shipping Bibles or buying local language Bibles are always welcome. You can donate online through Total Giving or by post using our Stand with Dignity form.

Download a printable version of this information here.