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A note on long term opportunities: Whilst this page is about our short term opportunities, we are also looking for partners called to long term mission. If you are being called to long term mission and would like to explore this with us, please contact Jo on +44 (0)161 434 8841 / [email protected]

Break the mould… Seeing short term mission differently

We’ve been thinking about our short term mission trips and we think we’ve been missing a trick! Something so obvious we can’t believe we haven’t thought of it before….

Everything we do seeks to help people love God and love their neighbour right where they live, where ever they are in the world. We firmly believe that God has put people in certain places so that they can become “Oaks of Righteousness” in their communities, bringing life and hope to many around them.

“They will be called oaks of righteousness,
a planting of the Lord
for the display of his splendour.” (Isaiah 61 v 3b)

Primarily we do this in sub-Saharan Africa. However, we think that our short term mission trips are the ideal opportunity for us to help people like you become an Oak of Righteousness for the community in which you live!

Amazing lives, everyday miracles

We invite you to come and learn how radical loving your neighbour can be. Invest 2 weeks of your time working alongside our Impact Teams. These are men and women who are passionate about mission in their own communities. They are choosing to break the mould and live life differently. They are empowering those around them to share Jesus with their communities. We believe you can do the same! We want to give you an amazing opportunity to learn from some up and coming experts…


It’s a two way thing

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So come on a 2 week mission trip with us! Your trip will start with the chance to learn from Impact Team members with amazing hands on experience of mission at the cutting edge of what we do. They will take the time to share with you about the ups and downs of being a missionary to your own people. Be inspired by their choice to live life differently and learn from their experience. You will then join the team members for a local training event. They will encourage you to help deliver elements of this with their guidance. Previous volunteers have called it a “life-changing experience”.

But this trip isn’t all about what you gain. We also need you to come and share what you already have. If you are wondering what this is, the answer is simple. Bring yourself, your experiences and your learning. If you have had the benefits of a good education and solid Bible teaching you will be well prepared to help us put together and deliver one of our EQUIP training sessions for the Impact Teams. As they can teach you from their experiences, so you can teach them from your experiences.

Together, we are stronger. Together, we can learn. Together, we can exceed all our expectations.

Find out more

Jo on a truck

Read on to find out what previous volunteers have said and for details of our short term opportunities.

Contact Jo Kimball to discuss both short and longer term opportunities. Jo coordinates our mission trips and has been taking part in trips since 2008. She is well equipped to answer most of your questions about the why, how and what of our mission trips.

[email protected] / +44 (0) 161 434 8841

The following short term places are available:

April 2017: 3 places available
2018: Open for booking

Testimonies from previous volunteers

“It was fantastic to see Christians from different churches working together and wanting to do more in their community. It was fantastic to be in the villages and worship the same God with people from a different culture.”

“It’s been an amazing experience. It’s been a great lesson seeing how people in rural Africa live and it’s been a great experience walking in their shoes, even if only for a short period. A great learning experience and an enjoyable one.”

“I would like to stay and carrying on working with the people I’ve started to build relationships with!”

“I would do it again because the people are nice and it’s been good to make a bit of an impact. When I go home I think I’m going to be a different person, in a good way! I’ll be much more grateful for what I have and what I have done here will stay with me.”

The “small print”

Dates: To be agreed with volunteers
EQUIP Focus: March: teaching skills | August: theological teaching | November: planning & pastoral care
Costs: Donation of £800 plus cost of flights (circa £600 – £900)
Included: Accommodation, food, travel and materials while in country. (Travel insurance, visa & vaccinations not included)
Training: UK based training in advance. We will help you understand both the vision behind what we are doing as well as some of the practicalities of heading out to a different culture.
Free Time: If you want to take a few days to explore Zambia we can give you some pointers in the right directions but you will be responsible for yourselves. Costs and time for extra trips are not included and you should allow for both if you wish to extend your travels.
Interested? Please contact Jo Kimball: [email protected] / +44 (0) 161 434 8841

Please note that all volunteers must be 18 or over unless travelling with their parent or legal guardian.

Here is the story of one volunteer from the UK who gave her time to get involved in Zambia and what happened after her visit.

If getting on a plane and going to rural Africa isn’t your thing though, we can always bring our work to you by running a Life Groups session in your church or homegroup. If this would be of interest do get in touch.

You can read about the difference short term mission makes and testimonies from previous volunteers below

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