Jon Witt: Hero Maker!

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Last week we attended Launch 2018: Hero Maker conference where Jon had been invited to speak about growth and multiplication of Life Groups. Jon was in a for a surprise though as he was awarded with the Hero Maker award!

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A message from Jon

Hi Everyone

I’ve wanted to write this email since last week. With the conference, travelling, changing countries, feeling rotten and a severe lack of water at our home, it has taken me until now to do it.

It was a great surprise to receive the Hero Maker Award at the Launch Europe conference a week or so ago. You can tell that by the fact that I hadn’t had a shave and the stunned look on my face 🙂

I wanted to write to everyone and simply say that this is really an award for everyone involved with Dignity at any level both currently and in the past. I see all of the consistent effort that all of you put into the work of Dignity. From finances, fund raising, helping with practical things to going and planting groups in villages or working out how our work can be used elsewhere. You are all a part of it.

Awards aside, there are some 13,500 people that are growing in a relationship with Jesus in over 200 locations across sub-Saharan Africa. We’ve trained over 61 village missionaries with hundreds more volunteers. There are thousands of people that know more about Jesus and have been practically assisted in their villages. That’s all really cool! Thank God for all of that!

I simply wanted to say well done to everyone.

If I can also give a special mention to Jude, who if truth be told has to put up with so much at times. Also a special mention to Jo who has done so much to help the work grow over the years.


This #GivingTuesday you can also be a hero maker by investing £75 in young change makers and doubling your money!

Tuesday 27th November is #GivingTuesday! It’s also the day we’re kicking off with our next Impact Team training event in Zambia. We run these 2 or 3 times a year to engage and equip new team members like to become village missionaries. Pictured above are Rhoda, Fred, Kenny and Gertrude who have all taken part in recent training events.

This time around, 16 young, up-and-coming team members will be partaking in the 4 day course and we’re very excited about what God has planned for them. We want to invest in these young people and give them the tools and training they need to develop their skills and help them flourish and grow into great community leaders.

Invest £75 in young change makers

It’s costs just £75 to cover training, resources, travel and lodging for each team member for the entirety of the 4 days. We’re looking for 16 sponsors to donate the cost of 1 place each (£75) with a total of £1,200 being invested in young leaders.

Double your money

Donate on our Paypal charity page on #GivingTuesday and Paypal will match your gift meaning you will double your money and double your impact! The total amount Paypal will match fund is capped, so be sure to give your gift early in the day.

Pray, make a note, join in on #GivingTuesday

  • We’d love you to pray about whether this is something God is asking you to do.
  • If it is, make a note in your diary to make the donation on Tuesday morning.
  • On Tuesday morning, head over to our Paypal charity page and donate £75, which, for 1 day only will sponsor 2 young change makers!

What these young leaders learn and build during these courses is fundamental to our mission as a charity, igniting passion about the work God has called them to do. Each person that attends is likely to plant 15 new Life Groups in the next year, affecting the lives of over 300 people and helping them to transform both their lives and the wider community.

Previous trainee stories…

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