Joseph Mwakisha

December 19th, 2019 Posted by News No Comment yet

Joseph has been helping plant and encourage Life Groups around Mombasa, Kenya throughout 2019. Joseph has a huge heart for sharing the good news of Jesus, for leading worship and for his wife Margaret!

In the summer he travelled to Tanzania with Jo & Frank Kimball to meet with the team in Tanzania, giving everyone an opportunity to learn from each other.

Joseph really enjoyed his trip to Tanzania and says he learnt a lot, particularly during the training we delivered together in Simambwe! Spending time with Jo, Frank and the Tanzanian team really helped him see and understand how Dignity works. In his own words, Dignity’s greatest idea is not for one person to go to do everything; rather it is to find other people to spearhead work in an area. The main objective is to get other people to run with the vision.

Since then Joseph has continued to support existing Life Groups in Ganze, north of Mombasa and is currently making plans to plant Life Groups in 2 others areas outside Mombasa.

Suggestions for prayer:

  • Joseph and Margaret have been married for just over a year – do pray for them as they journey through life together!
  • Pray for open doors and for favour for Joseph as he shares the idea of Life Groups with others.
  • Joseph wants to travel far and wide to share the good news of Jesus. Please pray for his personal growth and closeness to God as he learns through planting Life Groups.

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