Knowledge is powerful: COVID-19 Information Sheets

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In April we created and distributed 3 leaflets about COVID-19 to our Life Groups and Impact Teams. We’ve been hearing that these leaflets are proving powerful as they give knowledge to people.

The leaflets

‘What is COVID-19?’, ‘Life Groups: What to do’ and ‘Making an Impact’ raise awareness, helping Life Groups to protect themselves and their communities whilst also still helping them to share the good news of Jesus with those around them. Available in English, Bemba and Swahili these can be downloaded for free.

Getting the word out

Across Zambia, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania our teams have been working diligently and persistently to share this information. Where possible this is shared by WhatsApp. In other areas, it has been printed locally and distributed through networks of Life Groups.

To help make this happen we have been covering the costs of data bundles, printing and transportation. You can help us reach more people by donating. £3.25 would buy a weekly data bundle. £50 would help us print and distribute materials in a region.

The difference being made

The information we have sent out has helped Life Groups to learn and adapt in a quick way. We have heard that Life Groups have been really encouraged when they’ve received these information sheets. They are equipped to respond well and they know they are not alone. Life Groups are telling us that people are being drawn to join them because they see that they are acting wisely because they are equipped with knowledge.

Ken explains that in Mankanda they distributed the materials through the Life Group members and it drew attention to the group. People have found it really helpful and they are seeing a slow change in the community as people engage with it.

Bernard was talking to an Anglican priest in Chalata who said that the materials is really easy to use and understand so people like it.

People are beginning to care for their communities and share teaching in more informal ways, not relying solely on the weekly Life Group meeting.

The challenges

Life Groups in more remote areas are harder to reach, particularly as these areas tend to be poorer and fewer people have access to phones. Very, very few have smart phones.

Distribution of hard copies is slow, but our teams are faithfully working at reaching all the groups.

In areas where Life Groups are relatively new or where strong leadership has not yet developed we are finding it harder to maintain contact and encourage people. This will take time, persistence and faithful friendship.

You can help us reach more people by praying specifically for these challenges!

Partnering with others

We have been sharing the leaflets with other people we know as we know there is a great need for simple, clear information. Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre, a number of commercial farmers, people connected to church networks and more have all told us they are using these leaflets. Please pray for all of them as they work to love and care for those around them.

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