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Your time and skills will be helping to bring people to Jesus through community and through this, eradicating poverty in all its forms.

An increasingly important part of our work is the translation and production of written materials in different languages. We are looking for volunteers to assist with the typesetting and formatting of these publications. This role has a direct impact on our ability to equip people to share the good news of Jesus in their own ‘heart’ language.

Our translations are completed, checked and proof read by team members who live in the area where the language is spoken. The volunteer role of typesetting and formatting takes the prepared translation and develops it into a print quality publication for use by Life Groups.

We ask that you will commit to typesetting and formatting a complete manuscript to ensure consistency throughout the document, with opportunities to commit to further manuscripts after completion. We expect the typesetting and formatting of a manuscript to take between 3 and 8 working days, depending on the length of the manuscript. This role can be done remotely or from our office in Manchester.

Download the Volunteer Role Specification to find out more.

Email us now to apply to join the team.

Watch this space for other exciting volunteer opportunities.

The Impact of Your Time: A Story from Tanzania

Baraka, Charles and Patrick (pictured L-R) are part of a Life Group. They have been studying materials provided by Dignity. Charles has only been attending for 3 months and can already see a change in himself:

“There are a lot of changes in me since I joined a Life Group. I feel like I have been set free because many of the things I never understood, now I understand them!”

Baraka, Charles and Patrick have felt so encouraged by the unity of the Life Group and the resources available which they have found really helpful and informative. They have been working their way through ‘Rooted in Jesus‘ in Swahili. When asked what they hope for the future of the community, they said that they want to see the word of God spread far and wide and that Life Groups will help everyone to contribute more to their community.

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