Learning together

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Right now in Zambia the Impact Team leaders are meeting together at Jon & Jude Witt’s house in Mkushi, Zambia. This happens twice a year, every year, and these sessions are┬áreally important as they provide a chance for us all┬áto learn from each other, share experiences, reflect on challenges and encourage one another for the coming months.

On the agenda for this get together is a recap about training areas to run Life! Groups (it’s always good to refresh our memories and learn from what we’ve done so far), how to deal with difficulty (there are always challenges) and also a chance to try out some new training materials we are producing. These training materials include lots more practical examples which we have found to be really helpful when trying to communicate ideas.

We will let you know some of the highlights from the time together…but in the meantime, here are some photos of what’s going on so you can get a feel for it!

[one_third] Cornelius from Luapula using new materials

Cornelius practising using some of our training materials


[one_third] Dorothy from Mwinilunga Paper Frog

Dorothy shows us how to make a paper frog…a lesson we use when teaching that we learn better doing rather than just by listening


[one_third_last] Edna from Mwinlunga looking at Living the Light

Edna is a new member of the Luapula Impact Team and is taking a look through our training materials. In a couple of weeks she will run her first training session in a village in her area in the far north west of Zambia


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