Least-First Life Groups

November 23rd, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

We recently caught up with Rabecca (pictured right) who leads a Life Group in central Zambia and is part of the local team there.

She explained that during the time of COVID it has been important for the groups to encourage themselves to keep meeting in whatever ways they can. Some groups have 15-20 members, and have seen more people joining. Rabecca has even helped people start new groups this year. She’s spent about 3 weeks teaching and helping others to start them, lent them her copy of Rooted in Jesus and after reading it they were so encouraged they planted a group!

One of the new groups meets at the home of a gentleman who is lame and struggles to walk. In rural Zambia, many people who suffer with physical disabilities are hidden away, but in this case, the Life Group are honouring this gentleman by coming to him so he can be part of their community. Life Groups are intrinsically working to care for the least, first! Brilliant!!

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