Life! Groups keep on Growing!

May 22nd, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet
We believe God has called us to keep growing, to keep reaching out to more and new communities across rural Zambia. He has also called us to continue caring for and supporting those groups we have already established.
It is a great joy to us when we see people we are working with step up, overcome challenges and grow in their faith and passion to see change in their own communities.
A number of areas we have been working in for a couple of years now are still growing. After a difficult period in one area of Mkushi, leaders meetings are beginning to take place again and as a direct result of this, a number of people are now working together to generate and strengthen Life! Groups. People are eager to be part it which is exciting. In Nsobe, an area covering three villages, a group of people from all three villages has been formed and we are hoping to start training this group using the ‘Love Your Village’ material.  This material has been written by Jon and Judith Witt and has been tailored to suit the needs of villagers in Zambia. Find our more about it at
Roots are being established in new areas where we have not yet worked and we will be running training conferences in Lusemfwa, North Kapiri and the Mkushi Farm Block areas. In the North Kapiri area, a gentleman named Bernard has been gathering people from many surrounding areas to form a central group and with this group, he is praying and working towards them planting Life! Groups in their home villages. This is very encouraging and it shows more people are taking ownership of the vision and can see the benefits of what the Life! Groups bring to the lives of the communities as a whole.

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