LifeSkills… Loving your village

June 6th, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet

We want to let you know about an exciting new line of work we are introducing to our existing structures in Africa.

For the last two years, one of the resources that we have used to help villagers is, “Love Your Village”. It’s a simple 10 week study to allow villagers to understand not only their responsibility to their community, but also to help to think through how to make it happen. Education levels are typically low in the villages, many people not even educated beyond infant level.

What is needed as well as heart, desire and focus, are also skills. We call them LifeSkills.

Whether it be learning how to increase yields in farming, learning to take care of HIV victims or taking care of orphans. We believe that allowing villagers the opportunity of learning more, will help them fulfil their God given role in their community.

In the next few months, we will be introducing some of these skills. We’ve been talking to some organisations who can help us with this, people like Foundations for Farming for example. We don’t want to lose our focus on discipleship as we believe that is the key to help open the heart of the community, we simply want to broaden what we offering to make the largest impact possible.

Jesus is the Bible is often depicted as ‘wisdom’. Wisdom to live forever and wisdom to live in the here and now. Through LifeSkills we hope to offer more wisdom to more people.

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