Lusemfwa Sees Life Conference

September 26th, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

September saw a Life! Conference run in the Lusemfwa area alongside the Tazara railway line, some 50km from Kapiri Mposhi. 30 people came from 4 villages to hear how to begin Life! groups in their community areas, with a view of helping people to Love God and Love their Neighbour.

It all began back in April 2011 at a similar Life! conference held in Chibombo, some 70km north of the Zambian capital Lusaka. Margaret Chalwe and her husband Gevais farm in the Lusemfwa area. They were so impressed with the vision of Life! groups, they dedicated themselves to make it happen elsewhere.

Fast forward 5 months and people have been gathered, the vision explained and things are ready to begin. One group has started with a potential 3 more groups beginning in the next few weeks.

Pray for the people of Lusemfwa as they try to hold on to their future with God.

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