Miracles in Mabonga

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Cornelius and Festus

Meet Cornelius and Festus

This is Cornelius (left) and Festus (right), both quiet and unassuming men, both involved in something amazing!

Festus lives in Mabonga. Last week we shared Augustine’s story of how difficult it was for he and Cornelius to reach Mabonga to help Festus run a Dignity introductory event there. This week we’re able to share Cornelius’ account of what happened while they were in Mabonga.

In the words of Cornelius…

I’m Cornelius Chalwe. I want to talk about what happened this year when we went to Mabonga. I have never seen such a thing.

When we went there we slept by the roadside and once we arrived we started teaching. Festus opened the meeting and then he handed over to us and we started teaching.

Something happened. One headman who was attending the meeting and an elder from another church both grasped what we were teaching. They said, “We’ve never heard such kind of teaching. We have been Christians for so many years. What we are going to do is this. We will not go back home because tomorrow morning we may find that you good teachers you have gone.” So, they slept with us in the church where we were meeting. The following night again we continued teaching. Still they said, “We will not go back home tonight. We will not go to see our wives because tomorrow we may find that you have gone.”

The miracle that God did was this; I have never seen a headman leaving his village, leave his house, leave his bed, leave his family just for the word of God. The same for the church elder. He was advanced in age as were some others who spent the night with us in the church. They welcomed our words and the teaching and they said, “Us, we will be with you in the church. We will not sleep anywhere else. We will be with you.”


The last day, another miracle happened. We left the church and started walking for about 2km. There was a man walking behind us with a bike. Those who were with us they said to him, “Help us carry the luggage.” He refused.

On the way it started raining in the bush. He had nowhere to hide from the rain but we had a place to shelter. He followed us and we sat in that shelter and one lady who was part of this work of Dignity welcomed us and we sat by the fire. We were talking about Jesus and Dignity. This man was quiet. After the rains, when we left we continued our journey. He said, “Let me carry your luggage.” He carried the luggage more than 16 km, all the way to the roadside.

After that I saw God’s power. He worked through the lives of these people. Through the headman, the elder and the man who carried our luggage. Up to this time we are still communicating with them. The gospel of Jesus is bearing fruits that are amazing.

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