Mission to Nsobe

September 26th, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

Bernard and Gevais are looking at forming an Impact Team in the Central part of Zambia. As part of their ongoing preparation and work, the recently visited the Nsobe game camp area, to facilitate further groundwork with the community.

Two of the biggest issues with mission work in Zambia are control and expectation. Expectations within individuals can be totally unrealistic of what “help” in their community may consist of. Unfortunately most european and worldwide agencies play to this false expectation and simply provide money and items, that simply bolster the view that no responsibility needs to be taken within the community itself. This is called Dependency. The other issue can be one of control. It is usual for any mission or NGO work to be controlled from outside a community. This means it is never really part of the comity from the very beginning.

The only way is to cause hope, love and responsibility to grow from within the community itself. This is what Bernard and Gevais are working towards. In the 3 days they spent in the area, they simply spent time visiting door to door may people in the 3 villages that form the Nsobe community. They explained, worked and laid foundations that are working towards the community beginning it’s own life group, in their own way and their own time.

Both Bernard and Gevais, whilst being from different areas, are actually lifelong friends. We thank God that He will use their friendship to help may others who live in Rural Zambia

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