Muso and Mpika

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Following on from visits to Mpika and Muso Cornelius writes:

“In Mpika, we had prayer time in the evening for 2 nights after our lessons. Our beloved friends visitors the Father God, the Holy Spit, and Jesus Christ came to minister in power. The manifestation of their presence was experienced by the afflicted and walls were broken, people were freed from bondage, chains were broken. What an experience in Jesus Christ’s name.”

“At Muso, this was a successful training which was by the grace of God. We were all blessed by the out pouring of 3 friends, the Father God, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The training was well attended and people asked for more of such trainings. People of different back grounds and denominations came and we witnessed the power of God. We heard one lady singing praises to God as she experienced the power of the Holy Spirit as never before.”

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