Never Before in Munuga

July 17th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

The Church is the largest organisation in Southern Africa. If you take all of the various denominations and put them all together, the membership runs into the tens of millions. It is also the organisation with the most penetration into the rural areas. No government department, no charity can get close to it.

That’s why Dignity starts with the Church. Not only are we seeking to introduce people to God and the transformation he brings, the Church is best placed in the community to make a radical difference.

Within a village area we seek to bring together people from different Church Traditions to learn and work together. That is exactly what our Impact Team was doing in Mununga, a remote village area in the northern Luapula Province of Zambia.

About 35 villagers gathered, from different places and traditions. According to Cornelius, it was a good mix of young and old. Perhaps the astonishing fact is that these traditions had never met before in this area. This was the first time. One older women said, “since I’ve been here I’ve not heard this teaching about the family of God”.

About 66% of the villagers who attended have agreed to begin Life! Groups in their villages. For those who know the area, that is into the Kabuta area as well. Life! Groups are where the church begins to grow and learns how to affect its’ community. This was seen immediately in a healing that took place at the training conference and some pastoral counselling that occurred with some of the delegates.

Village life is very hard for people. However Cornelius reported that you could see the “Joy on the faces of the people”.

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