New Impact Team Moves Towards Reality

December 7th, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

The Central Region of Zambia has seen a lot of work in the last year or so. The region is dominated by the main artery north from the capital city Lusaka, Kapiri Mposhi, the terminus of the TAZARA railway and Mkushi, the second largest agricultural area in Zambia.

It is within this region that Jon and Jude Witt lived and have sought to pioneer the work of Life! Groups in many areas. It is a very difficult area to work in. Many NGO’s have worked in the area and unfortunately the legacy left behind has not been a good one. People look upon charity as something they receive, rather than something they do. In other words they are dependent. The farm areas are particularly difficult. Many workers live in farm compounds and alchoholism, depression and hard times are rife. This is despite many people receiving a regular wage, and even having other villagers working for them. The reality is very different to how Europeans view Africa.

Despite this, The work of Dignity has found numerous footholds in the region, some a lot stronger than others. People have begun to enact love and charity to one another. Many people have come to know God and many have been helped by their fellow villager.

To bolster this work, in February we will formally begin a new Impact Team in the area. This team will comprise Bernard, Gevais and Margaret. They have already been working in the area and have made significant in roads into many new areas. This is also part of the strategy to make the work possible from within Zambia, not from without.

God can do great things in Zambia, please keep the 3 prospective members in your hearts and minds in the next few weeks!

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