Nothing grows in the desert

July 15th, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet

The Tonga are apparently a very hard people to penetrate. They are a proud people. In southern province, their traditional homeland, it is a hard difficult life, with drought often affecting the land. In rainy season the people can move vast distances to find good land.

This has left many in Siavonga province thinking of themselves in a low view, with little education toiling in difficult lands. Many see themselves as nothing.

Two Life! Groups have begun in Siavonga province. In a dry barren land, we are praying that the groups will bring something of God’s water to the people. The gospel, cooperation, love and community all need to find a foothold in the hearts of the people there.

We want the people of Siavonga distinct to see themselves as children of God enabled to make a huge difference in their land.

Simply pray with us that these groups will indeed grow in the desert.

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