On Your Bike Mate…

May 24th, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet

In the middle of 2012, our Central Impact Team travelled to a remote area in the Serenje district of Zambia. It was a tortuous journey. Travelling by bus firstly takes many hours, and they only run in the main tarmac roads. For everywhere else there is either the ubiquitous small blue bus or walking! The small buses only went to their destination twice a week, and that was the day before!

The team travelled the 22km by foot with the men carrying Margaret’s bags! Finally they made it and they had a fantastic time, teaching, training and getting to know the villagers there. Then it was time to come back………

This time they managed to grab a lift, but lifts are seldom free in Zambia and it cost them literally every Kwacha they had on them.

After some thought we’ve decided to try something. We are going to equip our teams with bikes. This will turn a journey of a day into a couple of hours. It seems such a logical thing to do doesn’t it? For the cost of £102 ($150 USD) per bike we are literally saving their feet and increasing their efficiency. It’s really a complete no brainer.

The bikes we have purchased are from Buffalo Bicycles and they are strong, really strong. They are also equipped with a maintenance kit and some spares.

At the moment the bikes have been purchased and are being delivered to our mission base (aka Jon and Jude’s house) in Mkushi. The teams will get them in a week or so.

If you want to help supply more of these bikes to our team members, you can very easily give to support them. Simply go to www.justgiving.com/dignity and give away. They will appreciate your help very much.

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