One Donation, Twice the Impact

October 26th, 2021 Posted by News No Comment yet

Wow! Thank you to everyone who has joined in the Big Give Christmas Challenge and given £6,812.* Together with our match funding we’ve received £13,062* to raise up Mission Pioneers, helping more people to know Jesus and fight poverty through the work of Life Groups.

Our match funds are now fully allocated, but don’t let that stop you giving! We’re committed to using every gift given to raise up Mission Pioneers. Donations can still be given at – open until noon on Tuesday 7th December.

Unmatched donations can help us to win a Christmas Challenge Award, with a potential prize of £1,000 from the Big Give! Thank you for all you’ve given so far, and please continue to help us in our mission.

*Figures correct at 10am on 3/12/21

Why join in The Big Give Christmas Challenge?

THE NEED: There are many people, families and communities who have not encountered the life changing good news of Jesus and are living in poverty in its many different forms.

Life Groups unify and mobilise Christians to reach out to those around them, sharing faith and meeting the needs of those who are suffering. Today there are about 900 Life Groups across sub-Saharan Africa. By June 2024 we are working towards 7,500 Life Groups! To achieve this we will raise up 50 local ‘Mission Pioneers’ to start Life Group movements across their areas. We have already seen success in two areas where people are acting as Mission Pioneers, with Life Groups multiplying across communities. The growth in these areas has informed our current strategy.

THE SOLUTION: The key to achieving an impact on this scale is raising up others to carry the work of Life Groups further than we ever could. Step 1: by June 2022 we will raise up 10 Mission Pioneers to begin Life Group movements right where they live.

THE IMPACT: Each Mission Pioneer will work in their local area to inspire and equip others to run Life Groups, planting on average 24 Life Groups a year. 10 Mission Pioneers, planting 24 Life Groups a year means 4,800 people like Andrew being invited into community and relationship with Jesus. The resultant impact on wider families and communities will be huge!

We have the starting points for this; we have a tried and tested working method, resources to train people, relationships and connections and the commitment to build more. But we need your help to make this possible!


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