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Your time and skills will be helping to bring people to Jesus through community and through this, eradicating poverty in all its forms.

Dignity runs an annual series of events that increase awareness about our work, garner prayer and raise money in support of our work. Whether it is an Open Office creating a space for people to pop in and a catch up with our work or a sponsored bike ride across the width of the country, each event plays a crucial part in sustaining our work to bring people to Jesus through community and to eradicate poverty.

We are looking for volunteers who can commit to plan and deliver one event per year, ideally for 3 years. Our events should remain true to our values. They can be pioneering (we are willing to try something new), they should value people (we create fun events that people enjoy) and they should create ways in which we can work together (be it through volunteering, prayer or generosity) to further the work of Dignity. The time and skills needed to organise each event differs depending on the nature of the event. If you enjoy organising, are good at connecting with people, are forward thinking, and you love fun then you would be ideally placed to organise an event for us!

The planning and preparation for events can be done remotely or from our office in Manchester.

Download the Volunteer Role Specification to find out more.

Email us now to apply to join the team.

Watch this space for other exciting volunteer opportunities.

The Impact of Your Time: A Story from Zambia

‘Quiz & Fizz’ in April 2019 raised enough money to support an Impact Team for 7 months!

Impact Teams are local, trained, motivated and passionate about the work that God has called them to do. Typically, a team or 3 or 5 people will support 50 Life Groups. They will work across 500km2 and visit 20 new areas each year to help plant new Life Groups. They will facilitate 6 training events and mentor 2 future team members.

Impact Team members are volunteers who we support with training, expenses, strategic input and friendship.  Pilius (pictured) is an Impact Team member. We ask him why he gives his time to be part of an Impact Team. He said,

“This is Samfya. This is our land. These are the people we want to reach.”


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