Partnering with THE4POINTS

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We are excited to announce a new partnership with THE4POINTS in the production of our training material! This is such a great opportunity for us to enhance our publications and make them even more accessible for Life Groups across sub-Saharan Africa, helping to really engage with the core message of the Bible and promote the power of church and community. 

THE4POINTS are a well recognised organisation, primarily for their simple and effective way of communicating the message of Jesus to people from all walks of life. Their logo invites curiosity and equips people to answer openly and speak about what it means to be a Christian. It’s a tried and tested way of starting a really positive conversation about faith and something that we here at Dignity think would work really well alongside our other materials for facilitating Life Groups.

At Dignity, we are always looking into how we can best communicate the word of God through our publications,  training materials and building community in Zambia and beyond. Be it by translating our core texts or equipping people to reach new places, our commitment is to enable amazing lives and everyday miracles. So far, this approach has helped us plant 752 Life Groups and reach almost 14,000 people and every week we hear more stories about how Life Groups have impacted lives in the villages and communities of sub sharan Africa.

Our partnership with THE4POINTS will allow those that are are connected with Life Groups to communicate and understand the message of Jesus more easily. The simplicity of the design speaks in a universal language. We are very excited about this opportunity to journey with them to spread the good news of the Gospel!

To read more about THE4POINTS, check out the link here.

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