Pioneering is in our DNA

May 6th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

The current situation does not change our aims, what we do or the purpose of what we do. We remain committed to bringing people to Jesus through community and, by doing so, eradicating poverty in all its forms.

But how can we do that in the current season?

Great question, and one that’s pushed our pioneering nature to the very front of what we do.

Pioneering for us often means physical travel, with team members visiting Life Groups across their regions, or even visiting new areas to build relationships. That is currently on hold.

However, communication and relationships are the key here. Our teams are deeply embedded in their communities and areas – they live there. As we’ve talked with team members, there has emerged a common belief that in the midst of this difficult season, there is also a great opportunity to push and develop local responsibility and mission.

For some time now we have been working to uncouple to growth of Life Groups from the work of Impact Teams. We want Life Groups to be free to multiply even quicker than they already have. We’ve been working with our teams to help them step up to new levels of equipping and trusting others to do the work they have been doing, releasing it into the hands of the people God has put in each community. Suddenly, this is all the more pertinent due to restrictions on travel. Through diligent communication, friendship and shared learning the changes in the way teams are working are slowly being understood. As with everything they will take some time and repeated communication for the message to drive home but we are seeing growth happen.

We recently prayed with our teams that what God would build, even when we cannot, would leave us amazed. Let’s certainly hope that this prayer is answered.

Watch out for next weeks update on the digital pioneering we’re working on…

Do you believe that the people God has put in each community are ideally placed to reach those around them as we do? If so, you have a great opportunity to encourage and support them by helping us fund additional phone bundles to help team members communicate with them to train, equip and encourage them.

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