Planting Seeds with Bernard

August 29th, 2019 Posted by Life Groups, News, People No Comment yet

A few weeks ago, we posted about Bernard’s recent visit to Mpika, Zambia and how Life Groups were receiving some of the first copies of Living the Light in Bemba (read the full story here).  He has since been travelling across Zambia visiting Life Groups and overseeing training with the new Bemba resource.

He then moved on to Mansa- another rural community near the Luapula Province (a good 6 hour car journey away from Mpika). There, he was able to meet up with Royd, Pilius and Agnes – three key members of the Impact Team there – and run some training courses with a Life Group in that region. Royd was able to start introducing materials by THE4POINTS to the new people in the training group. We hope that by utilising the simplicity of THE4POINTS format, we will be able to make the Dignity resources and training sessions more accessible to everyone.

Finally, he moved on to Amanda in the Luapula Province for a training camp. Three Impact Teams were in attendance and there were many new team members joining them. The aims of the training was to encourage the villagers to help others in their village to plant new Life Groups, grow in God, help their community and be the best they can be. The logistics, organisation, recruitment and training during the camp were all put together by Zambians and led by Zambians without any external input.

Dignity believes that God does amazing acts through everyday people. That philosophy allows the movement of Dignity to grow and spread through multiple people all over the country and further beyond.


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