Radical? Session 2 – Becoming Radical – Cain, Abel and Enoch

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During the Arab Spring an unknown person stood alone holding a sign and faced down scores of riot police inspiring hope and freedom. This person’s actions were radical. (For image credit, see bottom of page.)

Radical: A life tending to produce extreme or fundamental changes in political, economic or social conditions within institutions, habits of mind or society.


Radical? is a series that examines what it means to have faith, trust and conviction in God and how this results in change for our world. Using ancient and current examples of genuine people who encounter different situations, we can learn lessons on how to walk with God radically in all areas of our life.

Do you have the faith, trust and courage to be a Radical?

This is the second session in the series, Becoming Radical: A look at Cain, Abel and Enoch and was recorded at South Church, Mkushi, Zambia in October 2017. (Speaker: Jon Paul Witt, Dignity founder)

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The PowerPoint file used for this talk can be downloaded here:

Radical – Session 2 – Becoming Radical

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