Reaching the Unreached

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The Zambian Leadership team has a vision, and it’s a great one! In 2019, they want to see Life Groups in all 10 provinces of Zambia. At the start of the year, they identified the provinces where there are currently no Life Groups; Western, Lusaka, Northern and the Copperbelt.

Since then, Bernard has taken the lead on reaching out to friends and contacts in those provinces. He has committed to visiting those people and sharing the vision and potential of Life Groups with them. He is so passionate about Life Groups because he has seen first-hand how powerful they are; they bring people together and into relationship with Jesus. They also equip and encourage people to identify the challenges faced in their community and work to find a solution.



Copperbelt Province 

This is an area is dominated by the copper mines and has many towns and cities. As this is a very different setting to where we are normally found, Bernard decided to share The Away Kit with people he met. This will tell them all they need to know about why and how to start a Life Group movement.

He did this by ‘borrowing’ an Airtel booth in Kitwe as a place to meet people and introduce them to the work of Dignity. He’s was able to give out flyers to people who stopped by and connect with people we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach!







Western Province

Mongu in Western Province is a very dry land with a lot of sand. People generally make their living through fishing in the Zambezi river. When the rains are good, they also grow rice in the Zambezi plains, however, this year they have had very poor rains. Things are only going to get harder for the people who live there.

In February, Bernard went to meet Felix who he had been talking to about Life Groups. Felix brought 2 friends with him. They spent time together talking about how Life Groups could be an effective tool to help people know Jesus and to tackle poverty in their communities. Felix and his friends were so encouraged and excited by everything they discussed. They then promised to begin to work towards introducing Life Groups in the areas around Mongu. They are going to start by reaching out to people they know and gathering about 30 people, mainly from rural communities outside of Mongu. In May, Bernard is hoping to return to Mongu to run our Intelligence, School of Rural Evangelism. This will bring people together and equip them with tools and resources to start Life Groups in their communities.


Lusaka Province

On his way home from Mongu, Bernard stopped to meet a contact in Chongwe in Lusaka Province. They had a good conversation and Bernard hopes that this will be the start of a way into the rural areas around Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city. However, since this initial meeting Bernard has been struggling to get in touch with his contact. We think it is as simple as a broken phone or lack of talktime! Please do pray for God to remove obstacles and open up a way into Lusaka Province.


Northern Province

At the time of writing, Bernard is in Northern Province visiting people in communities around Kasama. You can join him in praying that he meets people that God is preparing for revival!


You can pray for:

  • God given vision and inspiration for those who have heard about Life Groups for the first time.
  • Great favour for those who are telling friends and community leaders about Life Groups.
  • Wisdom and discernment for Bernard so he is able to see the people that God is raising up in each community he visists.

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