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We’re super excited that Jon Witt has been invited to speak about Life Groups at 2 church planting conferences in Kenya during August. This fits so well with the desire God has given us to equip many others to pioneer and plant Life Groups. We also want to take the opportunity to partner further with the fledgling Life Groups in Ganze, 100km north of Mombasa.

We first visited Ganze in July 2017 at the invitation of Tobbias Ngala of Nairobi Chapel. This trip was the result Anthony Delaney of Ivy Church connecting us with Matt Millar of NewThing…long story short…we got to know some people and they asked us to come and share what we do and help them to plant  Life Groups. That’s the sort of invite we like…so we went!

A year later and Tobbias has returned to Ganze to see what, if anything, has taken root. He met with Pastor Jackson Mwamlanda and his wife.

‘We spoke about the Life Groups and if the material was in any way helpful and he confirmed that it was and that he is only aware of two groups that have been actively meeting. His group and one other. It seemed to me that it was not entirely a weekly meeting but somewhat even used in church to train groups of new believers. I spent around 2 hours with him and his family. I mentioned to him that it will be great to meet the groups next time I visit and that he can reach me for any clarification on the groups. I feel that the next place to help is how to get the groups keep a regular rhythm and eventually how they plant a new Life Group. When you get time to pray, I guess you can pray for a genuine love for meetings and a clear understanding of the importance of Life Groups.’ ~ Tobbias

We want to return to Ganze and partner further with the fledgling Life Groups there. They have the potential to kick start a movement that will inspire transformed lives and communities and bring freedom from poverty through relationship with Jesus.

Jon has just been in Kenya speaking at the NewThing conference in Nairobi. (Click on the image to watch his facebook live stream.) He had hoped to visit Ganze on this trip but due to circumstances outside his control this hasn’t been possible and he’s going to have to make a second trip later this month.

This means that a return trip to Ganze for Jon & Jude is above the costs we budgeted for and that’s why we need your help.

They are planning on going to Ganze in late August. They will reconnect with the existing Life Groups, encourage and further equip the people who are running them. They will look to form a small, local team that could potentially help plant more Life Groups.

They have also been invited to speak at a church planting conference in Mombasa while they are there. Our new Away Kit will form the basis of Jon’s teaching and will hopefully lead to new partnerships and a network of like-hearted people.

To get Jon & Jude to Ganze we need to raise £2,000…thank you to those who have already given! A donation towards this appeal will be a direct investment in the people of Ganze. They, like so many of the people we work with in Zambia, hold the potential to live AMAZING LIVES and be part of EVERYDAY MIRACLES.

Thank you!

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