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Whether you know them as robots (as they’re called in sub-Saharan Africa) or traffic lights (as they’re called in the UK), how can they help us right now?

A question we have all been asking is, “How do we emerge from lockdown?” In many of the places where Life Groups meet COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to be lifted. How do we as Dignity and all those who volunteer with us safely step forward at this point?

We do not want to rush, not do we want to delay beyond what we should. There are risks to balance either way.

In discussion with area leaders, we have been developing a simple robot or traffic light system; red, amber and green. This will both help us step forward with due caution and give us a framework to refer to should future significant events occur.

Using simple tools and language like this is helping us work with our teams to understand the situation where they are and how we can continue to support Life Groups to the best of our ability. It gives team members a structure and a language within which they can express their concerns and it allows us to make better decisions together.

Please pray for wisdom as we begin to step from red to amber.

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