Role Models

June 11th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

One of the issues in Rural Zambia is a lack of education. By that we don’t simply mean not going to school. Think of all the examples that you aspire to. Think of all of the ideas that you have ‘borrowed’ from others. In Rural Zambia, there is a lack of role models and a lack of ideas. If you drive past a market, you will see many stores selling exactly the same product. No innovation, no entrepreneurship, no aspiration.

Cornelius and Agnes from the Luapula Impact Team have started a small but very public vegetable growing patch near the dambo, just off the main road in Musonda Falls.
Why are they doing this? Simply to provide and example that it can be done. They are growing rape, onions, sugar cane and more.

Their message is simple. We are responsible for our own lives. With God we can work hard and begin to provide for ourselves.

Their hope is that the wider community will catch on.

It is this example that we are looking to develop in a companion volume to Love Your Village. When these examples catch on, Rural Africa will never be the same again.

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