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Mark and Jennie have a growing heart for the needs of the migrant and displaced populations of Colombia. It is a complex picture, with many Venezuelans ‘passing through’ on route to the USA, whilst others settle in the country itself. There are also many internally displaced people due to years of political upheaval within the region. All of these people need Jesus, access to a community where they can learn about him, and a way to express the practical love of God for themselves. Observing this reminded Mark that many years ago he helped Dignity plant Life Groups in Zambia, Southern Africa and learnt that the best way to reach groups of people was through people within those communities.

Mark, Jennie and their 3 children Kora, Malakai and Asher are missionaries with Servant Partners. Having been inspired by Life Groups within Dignity, they are looking at planting flexible, local and community led Christian groups within the migrant and rural populations of Colombia. We are supporting Mark and Jennie as they do this, meeting with them regularly, seeking God’s heart and making plans for how we can serve these people together.

Like Mark and Jennie, we believe Life Groups would be a powerful model in Colombia. The reasons are simple: groups can move with people, they can be locally led and they can be planted wherever people are. Once established they need little direct input from the outside. This means that people can be reached, and then live out the truth of Jesus and work together for the good of others in their community.

Throughout June and July this year Mark and Jennie’s family will be travelling in Colombia to build on the many short term trips Mark has made over the last few months. Please join us in praying for them and the success of their mission. They’ve asked specifically for prayer in the following areas:

  • Pray for their Spanish: Mark speaks very good Spanish, Jennie is learning and some of the children have learnt at school. Can you pray that the whole family will continually grow in their grasp and understanding of the language and that God will favour their communication with people, always giving them the words they need.
  • Pray for their safety: Colombia can be a place where political and social problems spill over into normal life. Pray that they would avoid any difficult situations and that no harm will come to them. Pray for the opposite, that peace will be their companion on this trip.
  • Pray for the ministry: From experience we know that the work of pioneering can be in parts bewildering and difficult as well as amazing and full of joy. Hold their emotions and heart before God. Pray for openings for groups to be planted within Colombia, specifically for the people that can plant them in the first place. Also pray for us as we draw alongside their work, that we will add strength and assistance as we seek to reach the migrant and displaced populations of Colombia together.

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