Salvation for the Salvation Army

December 2nd, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

The Salvation Army Church in the village of Lusemfwa was in trouble. Dwindling attendance and infighting, perhaps linked were the root causes of the trouble.

Simply because the church was free and empty, Gevais organised for our Life! Group training to be held there some 8 weeks ago. For many weeks Gevais had been gathering all of the leaders in the village to meet and pray in the Church, some had come and some had not.

The Pastor of the Salvation Army church himself did not attend the training. However, now 8 weeks later he has now asked to be involved. Why is that? Simply because his church has grown 500% in 8 weeks. Prior to the Life! Group Training Conference, only 5 people attended his church. Now the number is around 30 people. He attributes this to the teaching and influence of the Life! Group and Training in the area.

One of our goals is to build the church to be what it really should be in the village. A place where people can Love God but also a community that can Love Their Neighbour. We love to hear stories where we can see the direct link between our intervention and people taking on the work of the Christian Faith for themselves.

May many more churches grow because of the work that we do.

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