September Update

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Life Groups

Small groups have always been the foundational building block of the church. Life Groups are an expression of these that bring people to Jesus and teach a new way of living, build unity and transform communities holistically; bringing life in all its fullness. They allow everyday people to become beacons of hope in their community.

The Big Picture

Our vision, 8.5 years from now, includes the aspiration of planting 500,000  Life Groups. We have already acknowledged that this is a task that ‘we alone’ cannot achieve. God is saying the time is ‘now’ to speak and influence openly to encourage this to be a reality. The key to this is enabling and encouraging everyday people such as villagers across Southern Africa, those on the margins and people just like you and me. We must find and link with more people and allow them to access the tools they need to be the ‘priests’ of God. This is how God, his love and transformation become real for people.

To achieve this will require three things of Dignity. Focusing on the ‘least’ first (Matthew 25:40) we must continue to enable the ‘least’ to plant Life Groups. We must also convince and teach others to plant groups through their own ministry and areas of influence. In addition, we must influence the thinking and wider agenda of God’s people to use and adapt Life Group methodology to release people in their own settings.

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