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Cornelius all set to stay a few days

There’s something funny with Cornelius’s email account. Every now and then a batch that he’s sent over a period of time all arrive in one go. This means that I was greeted the other morning by a whole heap of encouragements. We’ve seen the photos on facebook before, but now we get to hear the stories as well! I wanted to share them with you, so watch this space, I’ll be posting them bit by bit. Here’s the first…

“These photos were taken during our first training at the village called Shikamushile in Samfya district. It was well attended and the out pouring of the Spirit of God was experienced by the people who came, it was like never before. One man said that he can never stop coming along for such teaching. That was a suprise to all of us who came. He was very serious and emphatic. He had travelled a long distance, he was from a far village about 20 kilometres away. He was invited by Pilius just after he lost his wife.”

(Click on the pictures to find out more.)

You can support Cornelius and others like him in what they are doing by joining in the Dignity 300 Challenge.

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