Simple ideas in a cereal factory

January 28th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

Late last year Jon and Bernard met with a group of Christians from Roan in Luanshya, Zambia. These guys are just like you and I – ordinary people getting on with their day to day lives!

In the office of an old semi derelict cereal factory, they discussed their community, the church and everything that does and does not work well. They saw that their community could be different, better and more fair if Life Groups were started in Roan. Life Groups create a place for people learn to live like Jesus, understand life, include anyone and love the community together; everyone benefits. Life Groups are an incredibly simple yet radical idea.

One of the critical points of what Dignity does is helping people to see that it is ‘their’ work and not ‘our’ work. We help people to take steps themselves to reach and love their own community. Very simply this means that these are the people who will lead the way in their community. Whilst many organisations will start projects, Dignity does not do that. We help people to taken steps themselves to reach and love their community. We encourage them to stand on their own two feet. It’s better that way!

By the time Jon and Bernard left Roan, this small group of people had decided when they would next meet to make a way for Life Groups to happen in their community!

“It encourages me no end seeing villagers and everyday people taking steps forward with Jesus. This is why I do this. It makes it all worth it, alive and real for me.”
– Jon Paul Witt, Dignity Founder

Please pray for this group and consider supporting Dignity. It is our mission to talk to, teach, mobilise and release people like these. In doing so they bring the practical life and love of God to their community. (And because of the way we work, your money can go a long way because it is invested in people!)

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