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Tim and Becky Burr, leaders of Ivy Church Academy in Manchester UK, have been helping us shape and plan a residency course to raise up and equip leaders across the growing number of areas in which Life Groups are taking root. Tim and Becky recently went to Zambia to gain first hand experience of Life Groups and Impact teams and to support our November EQUIP camp. Over 3 weeks we are sharing their thoughts and reflections. (Missed Part 1? Read it here.)

“God is really using these people in incredible ways and seeing all kinds of things happen.”

The simplicity of Dignity’s vision was something that challenged Tim and Becky while in Zambia. They were able to see the reality of what Dignity does and the ways in which God’s vision for communities is being enacted through anyone and everyone. The simplicity of the training that Life Group members have with Dignity means that anybody can do what they are doing in their communities. While it is easy to say that everyone has the potential to be used by God, and it can be taken for granted in many church settings, the simplicity of the tools that Dignity put in the hands of people makes that potential a reality.

“That narrative releases people, calling out the potential in people, changing their own thinking of what they are capable of through God’s power.”

Tim & Becky were struck by the deep belief that Dignity holds that any person could go and start Life Groups that impact their community.  When you really believe that, build you working models and strategies around that belief, suddenly it opens up your eyes to how big the opportunity is. If every Christian was mobilised and equipped with the simple tools and materials like Dignity uses the potential and impact that could have back home would be significant. The challenge is that it goes beyond the names of organisations and churches.

“It is clear that things have gone before Dignity, seeds have been sown in previous generations. Dignity is building on this work.”

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