Surge in Luapula

October 10th, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

The month of November will see three special training conferences happen in the Luapula province of Zambia. Why is the training special? Well, for the first time these conferences are planned, set up and executed completely by Dignity’s Impact Team in the region. This is a great step forward.

The training focuses on unifying the different Christian groups in village areas. We also help those groups to also be open to their community and learn more about their faith. The result of this is often a group of people who take their faith seriously and are involved in the needs of their community.

The delegates learn that Christian faith is about Loving God and Loving your Neighbour. They also learn about leading small groups, unifying their community through communication and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs that come their way. The resource Rooted In Jesus is also introduced to give the groups a resource to focus around.

The training will be going ahead in Mwense, Kambwata and some 60km outside of Kazembe. This in turn is building upon the work of our July, School of Rural Evanglism which was held at the CMML Bbile College in Samfya.

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