Tabitha’s Story

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In March 2021, Tabitha had a terrible accident that required 6 months in hospital and left her unable to walk. In the aftermath of the accident her husband left her and their four children.

Tabitha’s elderly mother took the family in and was able to give them food and a safe place to live. Together they kept going despite many challenges. Dependant on friends for medical and school fees they had to withdraw Tabitha’s youngest son from school and put Tabitha’s medical treatment on hold.

Meanwhile, a Life Group started in the local community, they called themselves Amani Life Group. As they studied Dignity’s practical discipleship course Love Your Village they were reminded of Tabitha and all that had happened. They decided to reach out to her.

Amani Life Group stated by visiting Tabitha, listening, praying and spending time with her. After a while the group agreed together to take a step of faith to address the medical and school fees.

  • Tabitha’s son is now attending a nearby Christian school nearby and dreaming of becoming a pilot!
  • Tabitha has resumed her medical treatment and by the grace of God her condition has improved greatly. She can move around using one homemade wooden crutch, which although painful gives her more freedom. She still has no feelings from her waist down.
  • The Life Group have helped Tabitha find a home of her own, close to the school her son is attending and were there on moving day to help with all the practicalities. They are committed to helping her with her daily expenses and needs.

But that is not all. As the Life Group have ‘adopted’ Tabitha and her family, loved her and prayed for her, Tabitha has come to know Jesus. She has given her life to Jesus and joined a local church!

Last Sunday, Amani Life Group joined Tabitha at her church to celebrate with her as she was formally received by the church. Her new church family have welcomed her and committed to join Amani Life Group in supporting her practically.

Thanks to a few Christians coming together and taking action, Tabitha’s life has changed for the better, she has come to know Jesus and the local church has been activated!

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