Tanzania Update

June 22nd, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

At the last Impact Team leaders training, Jon had the chance to catch up with Cornelius and Augustine who had travelled to Tanzania. They had travelled to Mbeya and another rural location in Tanzania to meet with leaders that Arthur from the Gospel Group for Tanzania had organised.

Some 200 leaders met them in Mbeya, some of who had travelled up to 60 miles. That may not seem like much, but have a heart, for many it was on foot. Out in the bush, a further 500 leaders were met.

Both Cornelius and Augustine talked about the work of Dignity and the importance of combining the proclamation of the gospel with loving and helping those in our own villages. For many present, this was almost revolutionary teaching, it was as some said, “something they had not heard before”.

We will be travelling to Tanzania later in the year to do some formal Life! Group training.

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