The Chief Advisor’s Funeral

May 11th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

A Chief’s Advisor is an important man in the village. He represents the chief in domestic and village matters and carries the chief’s authority. The advisor in an area called Lusemfwa had fallen very ill, so ill that he died some months later. As a result of his illness, the advisor has not been able to attend any church and in any case in his capacity as

advisor he would travel around churches in his jurisidiction, so was not really a member of any one church.

One unhelpful trait of village life is that people tend to only assist those in their own family or church. Maybe this is because resources are scarce. Whatever the reason, the Chief’s Advisor and his funeral fell outside of anyone’s remit to help with his funeral. Everyone simply put up their hands and said they could not help.

This is where Esther and her Life! Group appear in the story. Despite everyone else’s refusal to be involved, her Life! Group decided to pay and enact the burial for the Chief’s Advisor. They paid themselves for the coffin. They conducted the service. They communicated with family.

The Chief’s Advisor was finally laid to rest with some Dignity.

The result of this action is that people in surrounding villages started to question why the Life! Group would act in such a selfless and loving way. Their interest became conversation and now becomes firm interest in the whole programme of Life! Groups using Rooted in Jesus and Love Your Village. Over the next few months, this interest will be followed up, working towards training for the villagers at some point in the future.

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