The difference a Life! Group makes

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When a group of people follow Jesus together things are bound to happen!

Life! Groups are one such example of this. When people meet as Life! Groups they study the Bible together, they ask questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, they pray together about their everyday situations and they encourage one another. The more this happens, the more practical out workings of this we are seeing!

Sometimes Life! Groups get off to a flying start and we see people growing in faith and action very quickly. For example, in Chipapa a Life! Group recently mended the roof of a lonely elderly lady. We have heard many similar stories and each is a testimony to a life changed when Jesus has intervened through his people in that village. A Life! Group in Musonda is collecting ground nuts with a view to growing a crop next year. Other groups run similar schemes and either donate the food to those in need or sell the food to raise funds for school books and uniforms.

In the Kamalamba area, three Life! Groups have been meeting for some time and are well-established. When heavy rainfall damaged the bridge over the stream dividing two of the villages the Life! Groups came together and managed to unite their communities. As a result, they were able to reconstruct the broken bridge and re-open the route for the good of many people.

In other places it’s not so easy. Some Life! Groups meet with opposition and struggle to get going or keep going. In these situations we work to support those who want to see Life! Groups take root in their area; we pray with them, we visit them again and again and we stand alongside them.

One such area is Kafulapa where 2 Life! Groups began after people attended one of our training events close by. After a promising start the groups began to meet with some opposition as the community was scared of something new and unknown. There was much opposition and and sadly the 2 groups struggled and stopped meeting. However, 2 men there are still meeting together and praying for their community. They want to see a Life! Group re-established and they want to see real hope brought to their community through people getting to know Jesus. We will do what we can for these men, meeting with them and working alongside them. But what really needs to happen is a change of heart within the community. Please do pray for God to make a way where there seems to be no way.

In whatever manner Life! Groups take root the bottom line is that when people meet Jesus, something happens and lives are changed.

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