The giant turnip

August 29th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Do you know the story of the giant turnip? You probably heard it when you were a kid?

It’s a simple story. A farmer has spent a long time growing a turnip, and it’s grown to be HUGE! He decides it’s time to harvest the turnip but it’s now so large he can’t pull it out the ground by himself. He asks his wife to help him but they’re still unable to pull the turnip up. They fetch their son, their daughter, the family dog and the cat…but still to no avail. It’s only when the mouse who lives in the farm kitchen joins in and they all pull together that the turnip finally comes up out of the ground!

To help us all remember the lesson of the giant turnip, we always act it out with much laughter, particularly when someone is chosen to play the part of the dog! Here’s a brave group of volunteers in Kamba recently taking part while Esther narrates.

2016 06 Kamba turnip

We tell this story time and time again when we are helping people understand the way we work. For the people of Jesus to bring life to all our community we need to work together. We need to share the same aim and we need to remember that the contribution of someone who may seem small or unimportant can be the part that makes the difference.

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