The headmen of Kundamfumu

July 12th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet

So often we greet something new with suspicion. We’ve all done it; we are wary of what we do not know.

This is often the way for Impact Teams and Life Groups. When a team travels to a new area people are wary. They wonder who these outsiders are. When a Life Groups begins in a community, people question their motives and wonder if they will upset the status quo. People’s trust has to be won. This takes time.

In Zambian villages and communities the Chief and Headmen play a really important role. They hold the responsibility for decision making and steering the community forward. For obvious reasons it is important for Impact Teams to engage with the Chief and Headmen in any new areas they reach out to. We have seen this work easily and we have seen it be a real struggle.

We were delighted that a recent training event held in Kundamfumu had been attended by 3 village headmen. Not only had they come to hear what the Central East Impact Team had to say, they were excited by what they heard!

As a result the Headmen has pledged to encourage the village committees to be a part of the movement that is beginning in their area. This will greatly ease the way forward and open doors for the Impact Team and any Life Groups that begin. The headmen have also pledged to ask the Chief to call a meeting for all the Headmen in his Chiefdom so they can share what they have heard.

Please join us in thanking God for this amazing open door and for asking for his protection over this new beginning.

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