The Lakeside

July 24th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

Some of the village areas by the side of Lake Kariba in Zambia are very remote. The town of Siavonga lies right by the huge hydro-electric dam that produces a third of Zambia’s power. Some 60km away lie many distant village areas dotted around the lake and an old dusty road that eventually takes you to the southern Zambian towns of Monze and Choma.

Bernard and Jon found themselves in such a village area at the beginning of July. It was a good time, an initial visit to invite some people to our Life! 2012 training conference and to work out the lie of the land.

One incident sticks in their mind. One villager when speaking with us privately said that “surely we are nothing and we are not good enough to do anything”. An entire worldview and barrier to life is portrayed in that one sentence. If you have been poor all of your life. If your father was poor and your grandfather was poor, you have no vision for the future. Literally no hope.

We’ve invited three villagers to come the School of Rural Evangelism and we are praying that they will come. There are practical considerations. None of them have travelled outside of their area before.

However, maybe this is the first step in a changed future for them. Maybe from this point forward, some things in their lives will be different.

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