The Man who was Nothing

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Nchelenge Group 1

The area of Nchelenge is situated in the Northern Luapula Province of Zambia. An area that is heavily reliant on fishing and boasts one of the largest lakes in Zambia, Lake Mweru.

North of the main area of Nchelenge, a Life! Group meets in a small village settlement alongside the lake. It was this group one day that an alcoholic was passing. As he looked over he thought that a political meeting was going on. Curiosity got the better of him, and over he went to see what was going on.

Alcoholics in Rural Africa are usually simply written off by the community. They drink, lie around in the sun and generally cause trouble for everyone. This man was no exception. Cut off from churches and other parts of the community, they are often in a constant stupor. They receive no help or respect from the village community.

The Life! Group invited this man to attend, they welcomed him and did not shun him. This is a major theme in the teaching of Dignity in setting up these groups. He found people who welcomed him, loved him and wanted to help him.

Through God and the help of others, his life has now totally changed. He has stopped drinking and is now able to think about the rest of his life.

In the eyes of community, this man was not even a person, a sub-human creature. He has now regained his Dignity.

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